Aerospike Program

Welcome to the Aerospike Professional Development Program. Proprietary to JMC Group International, this program is comprised of 4 interactive seminars that, all combined, will provide the foundational improvements that your organization is striving towards.

If you hire the best, then create a system that will allow your people to perform at their best.
Create team excellence now through Aerospike!

Strategic decision making will be successful only when it is based on a structured process that leaves no detail to chance. An effective strategy will not be achieved through an afternoon of reactive brain-storming, nor can it be purchased as an app.

The Strategic Grid will allow you to take the guess work out of your decision making process. It is the ideal tool for aligning an effective process analysis with your everyday operations. Enjoy the knowledge that your decision process is based on a proven system. The Strategic Grid is your first step toward the creation of a successful, strategically-balanced organizational system.

The best strategy must still work in execution. This can only happen in a climate where all personnel are your motivated partners in success. Personnel engagement is a simple function of autonomy. Adopt the measures that facilitate the creation of superior team performance.

Strategic execution will deliver the conditions that are required to nurture a successful team dynamic throughout your entire organization.

Leadership is critical for success, however you cannot imitate your way to becoming a great leader. Developing an effective leadership ability is an individual process that requires a thorough understanding of our unique human factors.

Leadership Intelligence is a comprehensive tutorial on the development of core leadership awareness skills. These are the skills that have consistently proven themselves as the foundation of every great leader. Effective Leadership is a choice.

This seminar is the final step required for the achievement of team excellence. TRM will fine-tune your organizational culture, ensuring a healthy climate that will foster safety and success.

Learn how to get the most out of your ‘human capital’ while building a culture of ownership, professionalism, and trust. Welcome to Aerospike!