Our Mission

Our misson is to create a strategically intelligent, motivated, and fully-aligned personnel structure. Our target is inefficiency, misunderstanding, misplaced priorities, misaligned resources, and indifference.

Slogan's, mission statement's, vision statement's, motivational decoration, and most change-management initiatives are not examples of strategic alignment. Combined with our common human tendencies, any strategic misunderstanding will present a real and present danger to the successful execution of your business plan.

Regardless of your industry, success will depend on the proper, pan-organizational integration of core competencies such as Team Building, Decision Making, Leadership, Communication, Conflict Resolution, and Collaborative Personnel Management.

Every day, the RCAF demonstrates that it is possible to achieve excellence in teamwork across hierarchies, departments, and cultures, all while consistently achieving mission success. The same level of excellence CAN be achieved within your organization.

Success is a choice. Contact JMC Group International today.

There are no new mistakes, there are just new people making the same mistakes over again. - Axiom of Crew Resource Management